84 – Outlaw Josey Wales w/ Patty Rosborough and Carie Karavas

It’s an MLC/Chick Chat simulcast this week live from Comic Strip Live studios. We talk about taking the stigma out of racial slurs, warning signs that you might be marrying a gay guy and why you can call your mother a cunt but nobody else can. Follow us on Twitter! @kevinbrennan666 @cariekaravas1 @pattyrosborough @brianpmccarthy

83 – Kevin Offers “Help” to Another Comedian w/ Dina Hashem

Dina Hashem joins us this week at Comic Strip Live. We talk about mercilessly writing roast jokes about big dumb white guys, why comedians never want to leave the house and how being left alone with your mother in law never goes as well as it does in porn. Follow us on Twitter @kevinbrennan666 @dinahashem_ @brianpmccarthy @recroomaudio

79 – Summer Meltdown w/ Chad Zumock

Kevin is joined by Chad Zumock, Brian McCarthy and Adam at Comic Strip Live. They talk about how Brian got the nickname “Skevey Wonder”, being born in the middle of a big family, why Kevin needs muscles more than Dave Chapelle and not at all about the recent situation in Charlottesville. Follow us on Twitter! @kevinbrennan666 @chadzumock @brianpmccarthy @recroomaudio